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    making pottery and sales

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    1089-2 Kanaoi Kaminoyama Yamagata Japan

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    Noboru Jinbo

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    Akiko Jinbo

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    Gallery sited our studio, shops, museum shops

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    domestic EC site

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In 1976, We, Noboru and Hiroko Jinbo, started to make pottery works in Kaminoyama city where a Japanese well-known poet Mokichi Saito was born. Our studio is located at the foot of Mt.Sankichi, in the east of Kaminoyama, and there are a lot of nature around our pottery studio. We painted some wildflowers and birds we can see around the studio using overglazed painting and underglazed iron painting. Then, our daughter Akiko Jinbo and her husband Yasunobu Wakabayashi started to work together, so there are four potters in this studio now. As each of us makes own works by using own pottery technique, for examples, Yasunobu uses "incrustation technique" called "zougan" in Japanese and persues black glazing, and Akiko mainly uses "deisai" in Japanese painting with colored mud on greenware. Styles of our works are different respectively, so you can see four styles of works at the gallery sited our studio.


Our thought is `modern crafts into our daily lives ' which is based on crafts movement occurred in 1970 in Japan. We think that using well-made things or beutiful things in daily life makes people comfortable. The goal we are aiming as a potter is to make works sincerely and to persue its quality. We'd like to express our efforts to be good potters into daily-use items such as cups, bowls, plates, vases, etc not into special art works.


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