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OTODUKI SYOUTEN【Yonezawa Yamagata Japan】

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    Planning, manufacturing, sales of Kimono & clothes

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    Kimono coat

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    3-19 2-chome Josei Yonezawa Yamagata Japan

  • Representative

    Akira Otoduki

  • Person in charge

    Sakae Tanaka

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    Kimono Wholesaler, Trading Company, Department stores in domestic

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Fourteen years after leaving his company and founding Otoduki Shouten, the president, at the age of 54, suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and became paralyzed on his left side.His eldest daughter Chieko Otozuki, the current management director, succeeded the family business while taking care of her father.With no employees at the time to support her, she managed to keep the business going by remembering how her parents were doing business while she was still a student and going over the company's daybooks and ledgers. Then, after nine years of working alone, she launched a factory in Takanosu, Kita-Akita City in Akita Prefecture, where she was joined by a team of staff.The following year, she established a hand-stitching studio Sozodo in Yokote City in Akita Prefecture and ran both machine and hand-stitching studios.Currently, with another machine stitching studio in front of the main shop in Yonezawa City, the company is "giving shape" to all kinds of fabrics.


With the motto of "producing Japanese clothes by Japanese artisans" such as clothes associated with Japanese culture, we have succeeded in creating everything related to traditional Japanese costumes but for tabi (socks for kimonos).Now we have become a company that can "give shape to fabrics" in all sorts of ways, including; ① Manufacturing and sales of our own brand of kimono coats; ② Collaboration with a kimono magazine (Nanao published by PRESIDENT Inc.); ③ Giving shape to designers' ideas; and ④ Contract manufacturing of other companies' products.Since we are a kimono coat manufacturer, our strength is being able to sew any materials, be it silk, cotton, polyester, wool, cashmere, velvet, or other.There is no other place where such variety of fabrics can be handled by the same workers within one factory.Our business also go beyond just creating new products.We also rework old kimonos that are not fit for wearing today but have been passed down for generations, by adding a modern touch.When the coronavirus pandemic hindered our regular business, we considered what we could do here in Yonezawa, and came up with the idea of creating face veils.We are confident that we were able to do this because we are a company that can give shape to fabrics.Our business is built on the idea of "if there is someone in need, there must be something that we can do for them." I am determined to play a role in handing down Japanese culture going forward.

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