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nitorito Co., Ltd【Yonezawa Yamagata Japan】

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Company overview

  • Company Name

    nitorito Co., Ltd

  • Year of establishment


  • Type of industry

    Department store, Specialty store, EC

  • Main products

    Nitto stole

  • Post code


  • Company address

    7-163 Higashi2-chome Yonezawa Japan

  • Representative

    Kentaro Suzuki

  • Person in charge

    Miki Saito

  • T E L


  • F A X


  • Main selling channels Department Store, Select Shop, In-house E-Commerce Site

  • EC sales results

    zutto saison point mall

  • Available language

    Japanese, English


Yonezawa is blessed with abundant resources.Fruits, Yonezawa beef, nature, fabrics, spas, technologies, and people, to name a few.Nitorito is a factory brand of Yonezawa-ori fabric launched with the hope of delivering the beauty of Yonezawa-ori to many people as a garment of choice.Currently, garment labels are required to indicate the name of the country where products are finally sewn.As such, even if the fabrics were made in Yonezawa, once they are finished overseas, they cannot bear "Made in Japan" labelling.Believing that this is one reason why Yonezawa fabric has yet to enjoy wide recognition, we decided to make products in our own factory by ourselves inspired by the region's landscape.We believe that this is the best way to convey the appeal of Yonezawa fabric, and grow the number of people who become interested in the fabric, which in turn will help to maintain and pass down this wonderful weaving technique tradition to the next generation.It would be a great pleasure if people in Japan and around the world would become interested in Yonezawa through nitorito and search for Yonezawa on the internet to discover numerous other resources that we offer.


Hello! We are nitorito.
The name "nitorito" comes from the phrase "Knit to ori to (Knit and textiles)." We coined this word hoping it would evoke the image of knit products and fabrics in the minds of people and invite those who are not familiar with these textiles to enjoy them.
Our products are made entirely in Yonezawa, from production of raw materials and textile design to manufacturing.Our textiles are considerably inspired by Yonezawa's rich nature, history and culture.
We take pride in "Made in YONEZAWA" products.We delve into the art of weaving as we commit ourselves to deliver Yonezawa's appeal, which goes well beyond the mountains.We would surely be delighted if we can make people happy by delivering the blessings of Yonezawa.

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