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Green Valley Co., Ltd.【Shinjo Yamagata, Japan】

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Company overview

  • Company Name

    Green Valley Co., Ltd.

  • Year of establishment


  • Type of industry

    Leather manufacturing and sales

  • Main products

    Leather wallet / leather accessory

  • Post code


  • Company address

    711-112 Fukuda, Fukuda, Shinjo City, Yamagata, Japan

  • Representative

    Futoshi Ogawa

  • Person in charge

    Ai Satou

  • T E L


  • F A X


  • Main selling channels "Domestic EC sales

  • EC sales results

    Main store E store,YAHOO store,Amazon,Rakuten Mitsukoshi Isetan Furusato Tax Payment"

  • Available language

    Japanese, English (English e-mail is acceptable)


Our founder (present chairman) was a medical representative at a major pharmaceutical company.He chose to start a business in his hometown so that he could contribute to the local economy by creating year-round employment uninterrupted by the long, snowy winters of Yamagata.Our current president makes it a point to personally work at pop-up sales events (held at department stores and typically focusing on regional specialties, these events are held almost on a monthly basis somewhere in the country) because he finds it extremely enjoyable to meet and serve customers who buy the products we have designed and created.These events also provide opportunities for us to receive feedback directly from customers, even leading to new models inspired by customer ideas, which are internally referred to by the respective customer's names.Since the start of the company, manual production has characterized our products, which are designed, produced, sold, and repaired in-house.Each product is carefully handmade by artisans recruited locally.Rather than just any wallet, the company strives to offer products that users can feel increasingly attached to over time.Luego is a Spanish parting word similar to "see you later." We hope customers will appreciate the superior finish of our products, their soft feel, and handsome beauty.


The craftspeople who make LUEGO products often say that they can repair anything that they make.This is because LUEGO leather wallets and accessories are designed by the artisans themselves.Selling a product to a customer is not the end, but the start of a long, shared journey.Whenever a new product is developed, the prototypes goes through a lengthy, painstaking process of trial and testing.LUEGO products require many processes of burnishing, which is a method of edge finishing, using dyes and grounds that need to be adjusted to ambient temperatures and humidity levels.Under some seasonal conditions, it is not unusual for edge treatment alone to take several days.Artisans adjust the pressure of their fingers according to the moisture content of the leather as perceived by how the leather feels on their fingertips.All steps of production except the sewing is performed manually, allowing delicate adjustments to take place as a matter of course in response to subtle changes in the leather.Typically, products arriving for repairs are scrutinized like long-lost children being reunited with their "parents," who might marvel at the excellent condition of a ten-year-old product, for instance, or admire the sheen of well-used leather.

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