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Satou-Kougei Co.,Ltd【Tendo Yamagata Japan】

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Company overview

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    Satou-Kougei Co.,Ltd

  • Year of establishment

    Jan 1st, 1990

  • Type of industry

    Woodworking product manufacturing

  • Main products

    Woodworking products

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    2-2 2-chome Kitame Tendo Yamagata Japan

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  • Person in charge

    Noriyuki SUZUKI

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  • Main selling channels Domestic EC site, Rretail stores

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    Domestic EC Site

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Located in Tendo City, Yamagata Prefecture, a leading producer of pieces for shogi (Japanese chess), this company largely produced kazari-goma (ornaments shaped like oversized shogi pieces and sold as gifts and souvenirs). The business was established to mass-produce kazari-goma using NC wood routers instead of by hand-carving. The business of producing and finishing kazari-goma as well as plinths and other accessories for displaying them proved highly successful and profitable, but demand started to drop around 1992, when Yamagata Prefecture hosted a Japanese Sports Festival nicknamed Benibana Kokutai. Fortunately however, the company was able to further improve its NC woodworking, assembly, and wood finishing techniques by fulfilling orders for furniture component production, assembly, and wood finishing services from local furniture manufacturers, Tendo Mokko and Asahi Sofu.


The 2008 financial crisis prompted the company to develop its original products because the crisis drove home how a negative business impact can affect sub-contractors and sub-sub-contractors many times worse than the parent. To keep the business going, the company took the necessary step of developing new original products, and with the advice of Yamagata Research Institute of Technology, developed the Moshimo Clock and the "mokuhen" series. It also developed the Yin Yang Tray, Hidariuma NEO, and other products as part of Yamagata Prefecture's pilot scheme. Each product has its unique theme, but the products are invariably designed to convey the good feeling and warmth of wood. The greatest assets of natural wood products are their colors, grain patterns, and the fact that no two are exactly the same. Kazari-goma production has a history of roughly 200 years. The art has led to our present work and calling. Our goal is to offer services and produce goods with an enduring appeal that makes them impervious to shifts in fashion. We look forward to serving future generations by building a robust business that stays resistant to negative impacts of shifting trends, which we believe will also serve to invigorate the local economy.

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