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    Yamagata Koubou Co.,Ltd

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    Manufacturer of wooden product

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    6493-2, Teraizumi, Nagai, Yamagata,Japan

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    Yuji Umetsu

  • Person in charge

    Yuji Umetsu

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  • Main selling channels

    Toy, Sport goods, education

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    English, Japanese


Yamagata Koubou has been manufacturing official Kendamas for over 40 years.
Our policy in making Kendamas is to make professional Kendamas with the eyes and hands of skilled Japanese craftsmen. As our Kendamas are used in the official competitions, we are maintaining high quality and accuracy in each Kendama in order for the players to perform a variety of tricks in these competitions. We have officially designated as a certified Kendama factory and accredited as the No.1 manufacturer in Japan by the Japan Kendama Association.
The founder Yosaburo Suzuki established the company policy "Nature’s bounty, The beauty of wooden works, Fusion of traditional and modern technique". It represents our attitude to make the most of the beauty of woods with thanking the blessings of great nature, and utilize modern advanced technologies to make products meeting the needs of our times.
We continue doing our best in Kendama manufacturing so that this wonderful Japanese traditional culture will spread further.


The place names in Nagai come from the place where water gathers. Being embraced by the rich mountain ranges of Asahi and Iide, the clear streams of Mogamigawa River, OkitamaShirakawa River and OkitamaNogawa River flow through the town while providing beautiful scattered villages. During the Edo Period, the place prospered as a merchant town with transportation on the Mogamigawa River and the cultural exchange with Kyoto and vicinity contributed to the atmosphere that loves art and culture. And flowers that show pretty expressions different in each season. The 1200-year-old "Kubo Cherry Tree of Isazawa" and "Daimyojin Cherry Tree of Kusaoka" are seen in spring, the pure "white azalea" blooms in early summer, and 1 million "Iris" of 500 kinds tell the beginning of summer.
The start of making woodworks at Yamagata Koubou was when the founder Yosaburo Suzuki, who had been in charge of managing mountains for many years, was fascinated by the beauty of locally produced wood, and thought to utilize abundant water and timber resources to start a business contributing his hometown. We thereafter have been doing the business to this day with being supported by the culture and the climate unique to Nagai City, Yamagata Prefecture.

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