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Hirashimizu-yaki Seiryugama【Yamagata Yamagata Japan】

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Company overview

  • Company Name

    Hirashimizu-yaki Seiryugama

  • Year of establishment

    Early Meiji Period

  • Type of industry

    Manufacturing, sales of Pottery and porcelain

  • Main products

    Pottery and porcelain

  • Post code


  • Company address

    50-1 Hirashimizu Yamagata Yamagata Japan

  • Representative

    Ryuhei NIWA

  • Person in charge

    Mayumi NIWA

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  • F A X


  • Main selling channels

    n-house store, Domestic retail stores and EC site

  • EC sales results

    Domestic EC site (Consignment sales)

  • Available language

    Japanese, English(e-mail)


In the early Meiji period, Seiryugama was founded by Josuke Niwa as one of the Hirashimizu-yaki (Hirashimizu ware) pottery pieces.During the Ryunosuke period (the third generation), the pottery was named "Seiryugama," taking one Chinese character each from "Hirashimizu" and "Ryunosuke." After finishing his apprenticeship in Mino and Kutani, Ryunosuke introduced the technique of overglaze painting called "uwae" that he had mastered, and worked on developing new products.At that time, he paid attention to the local original soil containing iron sulfide, which had not been used by anyone, and perfected seiji (celadon) like the surface of a pear by daringly utilizing the features of the soil.It was named "Nashi Seiji (pear celadon)" and was introduced in Japan Pottery Old and New which was held at the Detroit Institute of Arts in 1950.In addition, works using hakuyu (buttery-white glaze), which were displayed at international exhibitions such as EXPO 1958 Brussels, were named "Zansetsu (remaining snow)," reflecting the snowy landscape in spring.These production methods have been improved daily by the fourth (and current) pottery owner, Ryochi, and our craftsmen, and passed down to the present time as Seiryugama' s style.


Seiryugama independently conducts all processes, from making clay out of the original soil produced in the Hirashimizu area, to product commercialization.Products made at Seiryugama are characterized by a simple and subdued texture.Life in the satoyama (mountain village) deep in the snow enabled the creation of such a style.
In particular, "Zansetsu," one of Seiryugama' s representative works, was produced by reflecting the landscape of mountains in the Tohoku region where snow remains even when the long winter finally ends.Iron sulfide contained in the original soil reacts in the firing, which creates a unique expression in the whiteness of the product and brings about a texture that expresses wabi and sabi.Depending on the firing situation at different times, the same "Zansetsu" products show different expressions with the crystals produced.The smooth texture of the products fits comfortably in the user's hand, and the simple shape harmonizes with any scene.In recent years, we have received an increasing number of orders and inquiries from abroad.We hope that Seiryugama' s products will make you think of the snowy landscape in faraway Yamagata and have a relaxing time in your daily life.

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