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Art-Craft foundry Studio Gasen【Yamagata Yamagata Japan】

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Company overview

  • Company Name

    Art-Craft foundry Studio Gasen

  • Year of establishment

    Founded : 28th.Jul, 1902 Established : 24th Dec, 1988

  • Type of industry

    Foundry industry

  • Main products

    Bronze vases, tea utensils, Interior decorations , exterior

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  • Company address

    1-21 1-chome domachi Yamagata Yamagata Japan

  • Representative

    Masaya HASEGAWA

  • Person in charge

    Sachiko HASEGAWA

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  • F A X


  • Main selling channels

    In-house store and online shop

  • EC sales results

    Domestic online shop

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In 1902, Chuzaburo Hasegawa, founder of the Icho Chukosho foundry, and his successor Gasen Hasegawa established a studio specializing in the production and sale of temple bells, Buddhist statues, braziers, kettles, pots, and vases employing highly advanced yakigata metal casting techniques developed by Chuzaburo in the course of producing Kinkasan toro lanterns.


Gasen specializes in the production and sale of cast iron home accessories such as vases and incense burners as well as statues and monuments.While based on the 900-year-old art of Yamagata imono iron casting, the products also reflect the highly developed casting, finishing and coloring techniques newly introduced to the art by three generations of Gasen's master founders—Gasen, Yoshihisa, and Masaya—from places including Sado and Italy.The products' beautiful forms not only make them fitting reminders of the country's position as a terminal of the ancient Silk Road, but are also highly original artistic expressions.Furthermore, Gasen prides itself in its made-to-order services that employ the very same level of artistry to create one-of-a-kind pieces as requested by customers.

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