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Company overview

  • Company Name

    Chushin Kobo Co,.Ltd

  • Year of establishment


  • Type of industry

    Manufacturing of casting products

  • Main products

    Iron kettle, Teapot, Pot stand, Incense box etc.

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  • Company address

    1-12 2-chome Do-machi Yamagata Yamagata Japan

  • Representative

    Hisanori MASUDA

  • Person in charge

    Hisanori MASUDA

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  • F A X


  • Main selling channels Domestic and Overseas retail stores, Trading Company

  • EC sales results

  • Available language

    Japanese, English


Chushin Kobo studio was established in 1997 for the purpose of manufacturing and selling products designed by myself, Hisanori Masuda.The studio proposes to incorporate the traditional beauty of castings that has been passed down for centuries in Japan into today's lifestyle.I studied at Musashino Art University under Professor Mosuke Yoshitake and worked as an assistant to Professor Yoshitake after graduation.Over this period of time, I learned about the important role of design from him.I then moved to Yamagata Prefecture and over the next 20 years learned the traditional techniques for making kettles used in the tea ceremony ("chagama" in Japanese) from artisans at the site.Based on the teachings from Professor Yoshitake and these artisans, I established my own brand, blending traditional techniques with my own design to pursue the potential of Yamagata Imono (Iron Casting).


To pass on traditional crafts handed down in the region to the next generation, it is important to manufacture items that are useful in today's life.Lifestyles are constantly changing with the times so it is necessary to preserve and develop the inherited techniques and pass them on to the next generation in response to these changes.Traditional crafts are not conservative and maintain innovative elements in any period.New attempts will lead to the succession of traditional techniques.Nine-hundred and fifty years ago, it was found that the sand from the Mamigasaki River beach and the clay in the area near Chitose Park are suitable for making molds, which became the starting point for Yamagata Iron Casting.Domachi town is the birthplace of Yamagata Iron Casting.It is not only an industry but also an important regional culture.Preserving the landscape of the town will lead to preserving Yamagata Iron Casting.

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