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    Iron kettle

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    22 Imono-Mmachi Yamagata Yamagata Japan

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    Mitsuaki HASEGAWA

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    Taeko HASEGAWA

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Chobundo, which was established in 1952, has been manufacturing iron kettles exclusively for 68 years.Choroku Hasegawa, the first generation, had a longing for iron kettle-making that ultimately made him a full-fledged caster, and dreamed of having his own studio to manufacture products.Around 1945, he became a factory manager at the workshop where he received training and accumulated experience and polished his skills.His dream of "making iron kettles loved by users for a long time" at his own studio was eventually realized.Several years later, however, he fell ill and died.It was at the time when he had just begun to practice long-cherished iron kettle making.Fumio Hasegawa, the second generation, who grew up seeing his father making efforts to fulfill his dream, established a studio named Chobundo, inheriting his father's will.The trade name of Chobundo was formed by taking one Chinese character each from Choroku and Fumio.Saying for generations to "Resolutely become a full-fledged iron kettle maker," and having belief in and passion for "making high-quality iron kettles that are loved by users for a long time," we have been earnestly working on making such products.Currently, Mitsuaki Hasegawa, the third generation maker, is endeavoring to polish his skills, inheriting the will of his predecessors.


Yamagata Imono (Iron Casting) has been developed with high technical prowess and handed down in Yamagata, which boasts rich nature, for about 900 years.Yamagata Imono is evaluated as "usuniku-birei," which means thin-wall casting and the beauty of the cast surface.Chobundo's iron kettles have inherited such high quality.They are light and easy to use and good at stopping hot water from dripping.In addition, they have a beautiful casting surface and a well balanced shape.Manufacturing that combines usability with beauty has been inherited from predecessors.Moreover, hoping that our products will be used by customers regularly for a long time, I always endeavor to polish my casting techniques and increase product quality with the aim of manufacturing better products.One example is the traditional technique for the final finish called "urushi yakitsuke chakusyoku" (coloring with a baked Japanese lacquer finish).This technique requires proficient skill and sense, and with this finish, a deep gloss is generated with use.Chobundo's iron kettles, which are of high-quality and can be used for a long time, will allow you to use them as "tools to grow," and you will find yourself devloping a profound attachment to them.This is one of the appeals of Chobundo's iron kettles.

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