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KAMINOHATA Ceramics Center【Obanazawa Yamagata Japan】

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    KAMINOHATA Ceramics Center

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    Manufacturing, Sales

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    162-1 Ginzanshinhata Obanazawa Yamagata Japan

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    Hyodo Ito

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    Kana Matsuura

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Being persistent about making pottery exclusively using local materials to revive Kaminohata-yaki, it was difficult to find the right materials (pottery stones).I walked around the mountains and riverbanks near the old kiln and collected clay and stones considered suitable for pottery.Then I brought them to the Industrial Research Institute Ceramic Science Branch in Mie Prefecture where I was training at the time.The collected materials underwent fluorescent X-ray analysis, and were actually made into some pottery pieces for testing.Fluorescent X-ray analysis was also conducted on pottery pieces found from the old kiln site, and it was confirmed from a scientific perspective that both materials have the same properties.Furthermore, I worked to revive the old techniques, including handling a potter's wheel, hand painting, studying ancient documents, and reproducing paintings on porcelain pieces from the old kiln site (from which I found the santamon pattern).Six years were spent on these efforts to revive the kiln from 1974 to 1980, when the revival of Kaminohata-kiln came into sight.I then returned to my hometown, where I received much attention within the Tohoku region and across the nation for reviving pottery-making in collaboration with public and private sectors, and making it into a local industry.This attention on my efforts has been the driver of my passion during the past 40 years, to never allow the kiln fire to vanish.


1) First and foremost, use materials found in locally.
2) Reproduce ancient works but also create various items required in the contemporary lifestyle.
3) Continue efforts to make known santamon, the characteristic pattern of Kaminohata pottery, throughout Japan and the world.
4) Create products by actively teaming up with partners form different industries.
5) Continue efforts to pass down traditional Japanese culture to young people as well as adults who have interest in such activities in the community through the art of pottery and Japanese tea ceremony.

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