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Narushima-Yaki Wakuigama【Nagai Yamagata Japan】

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    Narushima-Yaki Wakuigama

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    Pottery and porcelain artist

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    Pottery and porcelain works

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    1812 Imaizumi Nagai Yamagata Japan

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    Osamu WAKUI

  • Person in charge

    Osamu WAKUI

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    Department store

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    Domestic EC site

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Narushima-Yaki was established as a potteries of the Yonezawa Domain in the middle of the Edo era, as a part of industry promotion under the instruction of Yozan UESUGI.Narushima-Yaki reached their peak at the end of Taisho Era, but then disappeared.At the beginning of Showa Era, our grandfather Toshizo WAKUI who was the second son of 「Shin Kame Ya」a potteries of Hirashimizu-yaki in Yamagata city, moved to Nagai city for the better pottery clay.Then he started his own business manufacturing and selling of clay pipes to succeed.


We have a 250year history of continuing the traditional Narushima-Yaki, our aim is to keep on protecting our tradition.We make our products with a vision of the future.We use only local cray only, for glaze we use blend of ash from straw, bran and soil, all by-products from rice crops.We are particular about our work full of originality expression.
All of our work is done by the hand of skilled craftsman’s hand with their full of emotion, we do not use any form. Our work is formed with a potter’s wheel and Slab forming, the shape is the same but each one has a different expression and the scene.Each work is original and has the craftsman’s originality.
We are a full member of the Japan Kogei Association, we would like to transmit the splendor of Japanese traditional craft to the world towards the development of traditional Japanese craft.
We also connect to the community through tours of our studios and offer field experience to kids from kinder gardens, students of elementary schools, junior high schools, high schools and special support education schools.
We try our best to develop local culture awareness and successor upbringing so that we can gain the support, understanding and interest of traditional craft from the local people.

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