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Company overview

  • Company Name

    Seikodo Kogeisha INC.

  • Year of establishment

    Starting 1735 Establishment of a company 1966/12

  • Type of industry

    Arts and crafts Casting

  • Main products

    Arts and crafts Casting

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  • Company address

    4-16 1-chome Do-machi Yamagata Yamagata Japan

  • Representative

    Oukou Sato

  • Person in charge

    Takumi Sato

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  • Main selling channels In-house store, Department store, Overseas EC site

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  • Available language

    Japanese, English


We have been a family-owned maker of cast-iron products since 1735, when the first family head Kiroku started business producing tetsubin (cast-iron kettles).The sixth-generation family head Tokutaro, who was highly skilled at lost-wax casting, exhibited distinguished examples of tetsubin and chagama (tea ceremony kettles) at World Expos held in Paris, Belgium, and the United States, winning awards and accolades.The eighth-generation head pursued nihonga (traditional Japanese painting) alongside his career as a maker of cast-iron utensils.He achieved nationwide fame by applying his artistic gift to the surface decorations of chagama, executed employing a technique called hera-oshi.Demand for cast-iron cookware rose sharply after World War 2, making the thriving cast-iron industry of Domachi a major contributor to the economy of Yamagata City.The art of the tea ceremony also grew in popularity, driving the demand for chagama nationwide.The present Seikodo Company Limited was established as a maker specializing in chagama in response to this demand.The ninth- and tenth-generation family heads in charge of the company today maintain production as chagama specialists, and at the same time also produce nearly 100 types of tetsubin in response to the growing demand in China, especially from the 1990s onward.


We produce tea ceremony kettles and cast-iron kettles that are both functional and beautiful, employing casting techniques passed down through many generations.To constantly maintain high quality, our products are 100% handmade by a select team of artisans.

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